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Trinity Church Lancaster

Monday 31st May Give thanks for: Give thanks for many in the church family continuing with personal evangelism and discipling during lockdown. Please pray for:

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Christ Church South Cambs

Monday 10th May Give thanks for: Gospel unity and spiritual health of the congregation despite some real physical hardship. A great Easter gathering, last month,

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Christ Church Newland

Monday 26th April Give thanks for the ministry with internationals. We are in the midst of 30 days of prayer for the Muslim world. Give

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The AMiE Executive Team

Monday 19th April Bishop Andy – Please pray for perseverance through a long jury service, to take opportunities to bear witness to Christ, and to

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Grace Church Sydenham

Monday 15th March Give thanks for: being able to continue to meet online. learning from Isaiah. higher than average numbers including non-Christian family members. youth

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