10:20 Planting Plan

AMiE is passionate about reaching our neighbours and communities to share the good news of jesus.

We long for him to be glorified as people embrace his wonderful rule and know the delight of his rescue. But England doesn't have enough Bible-teaching churches to do this. We need many more to be started.

Inspired by Biblical promise that the gospel is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes, the AMiE Planting Team have developed the 10:20 Planting Plan.

Our desire is to see 10 new churches started by the end of 2025, and a further 20 new churches by the end of 2030. 

There are three ways in which you can be involved with this exciting initiative.


The Bible tells us that unless God is at work, we waste our energy. As part of the 10:20 plan, we would love people up and down the country and all around the world to pray any day at 10:20 for the Lord to bless these plans and provide all we need.


There are many ways to be involved in a church plant. Perhaps God has equipped you to be a leader, a shepherd pastor who is prepared to trust the Lord to establish a new congregation through faithful Bible ministry. Or maybe you could join a start-up team, either in your current location or in a new place altogether.

AMiE supports all kinds of credible planting ideas, and we are keen to help you plan.

We’d love to know what place is on your heart. Is there a town, village or city that urgently needs a new gospel church? In the meantime, the Planting Team has identified 50 places which do not have enough churches to serve their current population, and urgently need another Bible-teaching Anglican church. These are listed in the booklet below.


Our experience is that finance follows vision. Present an inspiring gospel desire, and God faithfully provides through his people who joyfully partner together to make it a reality.

We are keen to find seed funding for churches planted in our top 50 areas, so if you would like to partner with us financially, please get in touch.

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