Existing Churches


If you are interested in finding out more about joining AMiE please contact

James Leggett, Membership Director

Why Join Amie?

We will provide the following as you seek to share the gospel in your local church context:

Anglican Partnership

If you join AMiE, you will be joining a fellowship of churches who are all committed to the Reformed understanding of the Biblical Faith, as outlined in the 39 Articles, the Book of Common Prayer, the Ordinal, and the Jerusalem Statement and Declaration. These documents express our doctrine of God, the Bible, salvation, the sacraments and church governance.

Being part of a fellowship of faithful Anglican churches will provide you with mutual encouragement, prayer and the sharing of best ministry practice and resources. It also provides the opportunity for your church to serve other Anglican churches with the gifts, resources, experience and expertise that the Lord has blessed your church family with.

We run an annual conference, which provides spiritual, emotional and physical refreshment for AMiE ministers, their wives and other members of senior leadership teams. These conferences also help to deepen our love and affection for each other.

If you join AMiE you will be offered mentoring and coaching by an experienced Senior Minister, so that you have someone on hand to help think through issues and work through any problems. You will also have access to our ‘Church in a Box’ resources to help with your legal and financial requirements, which includes guidance and recommendations on topics such as safeguarding, employment contracts, payroll, giving and constitutions.

Episcopal Care

Since our churches are Anglican by conviction, they benefit from godly episcopal oversight. Our bishops serve our congregations through their biblical teaching, prayerfulness, sharing of their ministry wisdom, and their active relational care.

Our bishops are also the key gatekeepers of future ordained leadership. Our local churches are committed to identifying and training the next generation of ordained leaders. Our bishops ensure that only those rightly qualified will be set apart for this ministry. Ordinations conducted by AMiE bishops are authentically Anglican and are recognised by Anglicans around the world.

Global Connections

AMiE churches are connected with the global Anglican family through GAFCON. We treasure the doctrinal unity, the joint commitment to mission and the cultural diversity that this network brings. We aim to learn from and contribute to the GAFCON movement. 

The Joining Process

Initial Conversations

Once you have contacted us expressing an interest in joining AMiE, we will arrange to talk with you, either by video call or on the phone. We are keen to hear about you and your church, and to tell you more about what belonging to AMiE is like.

Ensuring that AMiE membership is right for your church will require good communication, understanding and trust. Your circumstances may be complex and so we want to show our love and care, not only by asking the right questions, but by arranging as many conversations and meetings, as necessary, during this initial phase.

Information Gathering

Following on from the initial conversations, we will begin gathering information. You will be asked to complete a range of documents, which will help us to understand more about you, what you believe, the church and its local context. References will also be taken up at this stage.

Membership Visit

A membership visit lasts for 24 hours and is led by two experienced AMiE leaders. We love to come to where you are, as this gives us the opportunity to see your current life and ministry context. Our aim on this visit is to thoroughly explore whether joining AMiE at this time is right for all involved.

In discerning whether joining AMiE is right for your church, the AMiE leaders will ask questions about the church and about you as Senior Minister, based on the following six areas: conversion, character, convictions, competence, capacity and context. There will be an opportunity to talk in detail about the joys and challenges of your church as well as discuss the hopes and desires God has put on your heart for the church. The AMiE leaders will offer their advice and wisdom where appropriate.

Integration Pathway

If everyone is agreed that it is the best decision for your church to join AMiE, the Senior Minister and Membership Director will discuss and agree what support, both practically and pastorally, will be required to help the church and its leadership integrate into the AMiE network.