Catching up with Trinity Church Bristol

Trinity Church Bristol started meeting publicly in February 2018 and was recognised as an AMiE church in April this year. 

Q: How did it all begin?

As an idea back in 2016. A string of encounters with ‘Barnabas’ figures transformed the idea into an intentional plan. One such example is bumping into Tim Chapman at a conference who introduced me to Lee McMunn. After that we began talking regularly and purposefully and a few others joined in to help us get going. In the background we prayed, and it seemed the Lord was at work.

The church was planted by Carl Bicknell and soon will have a staff team of three. We also have four trustees and a few wise Christians advisors, all helping out in various ways. Our core is small but enthusiastic.

We have pro-actively evangelised in the area of Bristol we are based in, and the more time we’ve spent doing this, the greater we understand the need for more Biblical churches working as a team to be.

Q: Greatest joy so far?

Seeing the Word of God opened and doing its incredible work of bringing the dead to life and the living to maturity, in Christ.

Q: Greatest challenge so far?

We started with such a small fragile group, each day felt like it could be our last for a while! Trusting God in this wasn’t always easy and it felt very risky. But a risk for Christ is worth taking and the Lord has added to our number slowly. We’re a happy bunch.

Q: Other than the normal things a church does, what’s coming up for Trinity Church Bristol?

As a group we’re outwardly focussed and we’re always looking to open God’s Word with outsiders in various ways. We’re also actively building partnerships with other conservative churches in Bristol, so we can function as a team of brothers and sisters working together. I was very encouraged the other day when a pastor of another church invited me round and now regularly keeps in touch.

We’re moving venue again which we pray will make it easier for people to come and join in.
We’re also working at training ourselves as a group so we’re clear on various issues. Recently we’ve had a few excellent outside speakers who are specialists on the topics they spoke on and this really helped the group.

Q: What can Christians do to help Trinity Church Bristol?

Pray for us, visit us, and if you or anyone you know is coming to Bristol – join us! You’d make a massive difference to our church family and together we can do so much more.

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