Spotlight: Christ Church Stockport

At Christ Church Stockport we believe that Jesus is the single most important person to ever live and that his death and resurrection form the single most amazing event in the history of the world. As such, we seek to make disciples of Jesus, teaching them from the Bible what it means to follow Jesus and sending them out to live that teaching in every part of their life, for the good of their neighbour and the glory of God. 

Since our launch two and a half years ago, we have rejoiced with people coming to faith, seen people grow in their love for Jesus, and wrestled with what it means to follow Jesus. We have developed new midweek and children’s ministries as well as enjoying active church partnerships both across the UK and in Sweden and the USA. 

“Christ Church Stockport is a Bible based church with a sound bible teaching! It is also a church that feels more like a family! Those are some of many reasons why I chose CCS as my congregation.” Victor 

“We have been welcomed into CCS so wonderfully. It’s a safe place to grow in your faith. We particularly love the teaching for both adults and children, it doesn’t shy away from real life issues that are challenging but graciously walks people through using the truth of scripture.” Mel

“I value being part of CCS because as a plant you are able to be involved in the life of the church and see first-hand the growth. The teaching at CCS is biblically led meaning that all we do is rooted on the word of God. Also being a relatively small church means that support systems and friendships have the space to grow organically.” Alex

Give thanks for:

  • The provision of Walthew House where we meet on a Sunday.
  • Steady growth; both numerical and Spiritual.
  • The recent voluntary appointment of Jane as our Children’s Leader.
  • The development of midweek Growth Teams (small groups) and their leaders Kelvin and Luke.
  • Continued ‘virtual’ engagement with church life despite COVID.

Please pray:

  • For those in our Church family impacted by COVID (Cancelled weddings, job insecurity, loneliness and sickness).
  • That the impact of COVID wouldn’t hinder the momentum of our evangelism and discipleship.
  • For continued financial stability as we near the end of the 3 years pledged financial support from our external partners.
  • For our plans to develop a youth ministry.
  • That by his Word and Spirit, God would save many in Stockport.

To find out more about Christ Church Stockport, visit their website or social media pages.

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