Spotlight: Becontree Church

Becontree Church exists to introduce the Becontree Estate to Jesus. They’ve been doing this through a first-contact visiting program. In the six years since their launch, a team of 10 ordinary Christians have visited each of the 5000 homes in South Becontree.

The general take up on a ‘getting to know you’ conversation is 1:4. This is carried forward to the houses we revisit (50% tend to be out), which means the total conversations end up around a third.

These longer chats then each receive a ‘follow-up card’; a personalised and hand written response, which seeks to:

  • reinforce relationship
  • draw out the implications of what they’ve said
  • put a future perspective & personal warmth to the invitation to know more.

Over the years, several hundred have come along, as a result of meeting us. About 50% of our core membership (at any given time), is those who were met this way, and are themselves now speaking to those on the doorstep.

Please pray:

  • We’ll resume our visiting at the end of lockdown. Usually a weekly activity, even short breaks make us feel ‘rusty’. Pray God would be preparing us, even now, and getting us ready.
  • For God’s provision of two new and mature Christian families, when we were set to lose Mike and Debbie. We’d love to employ an assistant by the end of this year, to work with us for the next 3-5 years,  and then lead a new church plant, to the new developments being built as part of the London Riverside opportunity area.
  • For our new ‘cluster’ bible studies in gardens (born out of lockdown) to continue to disciple people to follow Jesus in every area of life.
  • For Matthew’s gospel to give us confidence in Jesus, even through adversity for being followers of Him.
Socially distanced church- Sunday 5th July 2020

To find out more about Becontree Church, visit their website or social media pages.

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