Women’s Ministry Team

Monday 5th February

Give thanks for:

  • For so many women in our network who serve faithfully in their church families. Women, in particular, are engaged with much community outreach, especially with young families, toddler groups, parenting courses and exploring innovative ways of reaching out with the gospel, including at one church in Newcastle linking their toddler group with a local nursing home.
  • Although most of our churches do not yet employ women’s workers, many women’s Bible studies are happening across our network. Many women are juggling ministry, family life and part-time paid work as they do this. Give thanks for their hard work and pray for their perseverance.
  • Give thanks for the supportive network that is developing using Zoom calls and WhatsApp. This network enables women to pray for one another and share ideas and resources despite many being isolated geographically.

Please pray for:

  • For Karen, Fiona, and Lucy on the women’s ministry team as they consider the best long-term strategy for supporting and encouraging women’s ministry. Pray we can identify future leaders and recommend the best training pathways for them.
  • For the wives of AMiE pastors as they support their husbands’ ministry in multiple ways. Pray for those attending the AMiE conference that it will be encouraging and help build further relationships.
  • Pray also for the Proclamation Trust’s ‘Recharge’ conference for ministry wives at which Karen Soole is speaking and several AMiE wives are attending. Pray that it will be a time that not only provides teaching that builds up but also provides supportive and fruitful fellowship for long-term ministry.

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