Trinity Church Lancaster

Monday 10th July

Give thanks for:

  • For a refreshing and at times challenging journey through John 13-17 on Sunday mornings that has proved of benefit to old timers and newcomers alike; and finishing a year great looking at Mark’s gospel in our midweek groups where we have seen afresh the glory of Jesus and reminded of his priorities and purpose.
  • For the several folk who have joined us in recent months: a wonderful mixture of non- Christians interested to find out more, believers returning to church after many years and other Christians sometimes with quite muddled backgrounds keen to understand the scriptures better.
  • For growing opportunities for local prison ministry; for the small team running a weekly bible study group and for good relationships within the chaplaincy.
  • For the freedom and opportunity to do some first contact street evangelism this year – for the contacts made and the 1:1 ministry that is growing from it.
  • For the church family – their love for and committed service of Christ and one another.

Please pray for:

  • That the seed sown on Sundays and in our midweek groups will not be snatched away but go on in time to produce much fruit.
  • That all our newcomers will settle in and that we will all unite at the foot of the cross. Pray that those who do not yet profess faith will meet with the risen Lord.
  • For our prison ministry, for good relationships with prisoners and staff, and continued opportunities to meet and read the Bible with them 1:1. Pray for the plans being made to run Christianity Explored courses on the prison wings from September.
  • That the individual contacts from our street evangelism may grow in their understanding of Christ and His work, and become integrated into the wider church family.
  • For everyone in our church family to have times of refreshment this summer and be well rested for the beginning of another academic year. Pray for Christian students coming to Lancaster that they will settle quickly in churches that will best serve them and in which they can best serve; and that Trinity will make the best of the opportunity to reach out and build people up in the knowledge and love of the Lord.

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