Trinity Church Lancaster

Monday 1st November

Give thanks for:

  • Thanks for our recent move to a significantly improved venue on Sunday mornings, a local primary school. For its provision; for its facilities; for good relationships with the staff and for the move being well received by the congregation.
  • Thanks for growing numbers committing to midweek groups and the provision of an upper room in a pub very local to the school that allows everyone to meet together.
  • Thanks for a growing commitment in the church family to serving one another; on Sundays and during the week.

Please pray for:

  • For Christian students newly arrived in Lancaster. That would settle in good churches quickly and be served well by them;  that those whom we can best serve would find us over the next few weeks.
  • For boldness and perseverance in evangelism – individual and corporate. For growth in maturity and numbers, and faithfulness as we hold out the word of truth.
  • For those who have not returned post lockdown. That they might not drift and that the Lord would determine their steps: that no-one would be lost.

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