Trinity Church Bristol

Monday 12th February

Give thanks for:

  • For super-enthusiastic students who are both serving and inviting!
  • For a new Christianity Explored (CE) course where we had 10 people attend. For us this is massive. And it has been a while since we ran CE. Please pray Jesus would be known!
  • For our house group working through 1 Samuel and the 39 Articles has been an oasis.
  • For the support of our Bishop (Tim Davies) which means a lot to us.
  • For two weekends away coming up. One of them will be the first time we have been away ever as a whole church family. One of our trustees is doing the talks in 1 Peter.

Please pray for:

  • For our finances. We’re not out of money by a long shot, but more is going out than coming in…
  • Carl (bi-vocational pastor) and Alex (his wife) are entangled in a legal dispute in their secular work (nothing to do with Trinity at all) that has absorbed much time and energy. Carl says: ‘It is not of our choosing. As a result, co-worker Tom has shouldered more weight for longer than we imagined. Pray we trust in the Lord.’
  • Our house group is large, but not quite large enough to split into two. It has hovered in this state for a year or two. Please pray for a few more people to join the core.

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