Gafcon Missionary Bishop for Europe- Rt Revd Andy Lines


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24th July 2020

Praise God for:

  • Andy’s Steering Group has been set up and is ready to meet for the first time with participants in 4 continents.
  • Good ‘visits’ to churches in Glasgow, Wyre Forest and significant opportunities to communicate with individuals from many more.
  • Setting up and observing in three different Constitution and Canons drafting groups.
  • Encouraging support from Gafcon Global and the setting up of the new Network and two convocations which has led to growing interest from churches in joining the movement.

Please pray for:

  • Personal godliness, wisdom integrity and fruit of the spirit.
  • Time to take a break over August and enjoy time with the Family.
  • A registrar-type person to help with administrative, financial and legal affairs alongside Andy and covering probably the Network and two convocations.
  • Progress and dovetailing of the constitution and canons of the different groups, taking into account the different cultures and philosophies.
  • For the overdue ordinations to go ahead (Covid-19 restrictions permitting) in the Autumn and Winter once constitutions and canons are approved.
  • For prioritisation of time for studying the word and for big-picture planning. Succession planning is an important area.