Redeemer Church Thanet

Monday 8th May

Give thanks for:

  • Give thanks for our congregation who are really growing in faith, growing in knowledge of Jesus, growing in love for him and each other. This is evident in the service of every member each Sunday where every single person – young and old – plays their part.
  • Give thanks for the different ways we – as a church family – are meeting outside the normal Sundays. This has been great for relationship building and something we pray will encourage non-Christian friends and family members to join in with.

Please pray for:

  • Pray for finances. These are always very tight – very much hand to mouth. We are heavily reliant on outside funding which operates on a reducing amount each year. Pray that the congregation remain committed and generous.
  • Please pray for us as we have lost another member to the Lord earlier this year – a reminder that we are by and large an old congregation.
  • We have built up many good relationships with people in our community, and trust has been built. But there are still huge barriers these people have erected preventing them coming to church. Please pray for perseverance and patience. This is a long-term game which needs a long-term game plan. Please pray the previous prayer points enable us to carry this out faithfully and we never compromise the message of the gospel.

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