Hope Church Tyneside

Monday 6th November

Give thanks for:

  • Thank God for growing our kindness and hospitality in the first 18 months of our life as a Hope Church family.
  • Thank God for a trickle of newcomers joining us, particularly since the summer. While we rejoice in this, we are also saddened that a few have distanced themselves from us.
  • Praise God for the John 121 Bible studies which are happening with folk who are more on the edge of church family life, some of whom are not yet believers. May the Spirit bring conviction of sin and judgement to those not yet trusting in Christ and draw them to trust in him. May the Spirit also enable the Christians to overcome barriers to joining us on Sunday mornings.
  • Thank God for increasing opportunities to serve the local community through our weekly toddler group, the regular visiting of a local care home and for other contacts in the Wallsend area. We thank God for the zeal of the teams involved in these ministries and for gospel opportunities opening up. Pray for further doors to open, including with a local school.

Please pray for:

  • Pray for the Lord to grow us all in holiness of character through a wholehearted response to sermons in Leviticus, Habakkuk and Titus on Sunday mornings this Autumn.
  • Pray for the newcomers to stick with us and those who have drifted away to return to the Lord.
  • Pray for the Lord to send more Christians to come to Hope Church and help us make the most of our gospel opportunities. Plans are afoot for another larger evangelical church in the region to send a team across to ‘come over and help us’. Pray for the Lord to ‘stir up’ the hearts of some there to be eager to come over and join us in our mission in Wallsend.
  • Thank God for our current rented venues in a local museum and Scouts hut. Pray for the provision of a good building of our own as a base for long-term gospel ministry going forwards.

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