Cornerstone Church Grays

Monday 21st February

Give thanks for:

  • For his wonderful provision in the two years since Cornerstone began in February 2020. Legalities, paperwork, charity status, equipment, a venue and funding for our pastor Mike Walton’s salary, amongst so many other things, has all been found, with a little to spare, and our finances are currently stable and healthy.
  • Our church family is also healthy and growing, even during Covid-19.
  • We are still “functioning” while Mike is on sick leave and managing to spread our dear Lord’s word every Sunday, together with maintaining our weekly Bible studies on Wednesdays.

Please pray for:

  • For Mike and his family. Pray for a speedy recovery from illness and return to normal life. Mike is making progress and we are praying he will be able to resume his duties, with the help of the elders, in the near future.
  • For Cornerstone’s church family and the elders as we try to ensure that our services and church life, both spiritual and pastoral, is maintained and ministered.

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