Christ Church South Cambs

Monday 14th March

Give thanks for:

  • We have a big new venue, The Henry Morris Hall at Sawston Village College, 10am on Sundays. Thanks to the school opening up for us. We’ve been praying for it for 16 years!
  • We have people on Discipleship and Christianity Explored courses and wonderful encouragements as others have transferred their membership to us having moved into the area.
  • We have lots of needy people helping other needy people and so are shining the glory of Christ into the community in such a way that we pray is distinctive enough for people to want to find out about Him.

Please pray for:

  • We are praying for a new Trustee and new Elder to understand their roles well and rise to their tasks.
  • We have opportunities to serve a number of folk new in country from Asia, especially with the British National Overseas (BNO) visa from Hong Kong. Pray there is good take up on some Asian Worldview training we are doing, starting next Monday.
  • There is a door open for CCSC to take assemblies in a local primary school that is now open having been closed for years. We thank God for it and pray we will serve the school well.

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