Christ Church South Cambs

Monday 10th May

Give thanks for:

  • Gospel unity and spiritual health of the congregation despite some real physical hardship.
  • A great Easter gathering, last month, in person and a longing to be together again for most people.
  • A couple who have moved into the area and are now doing Christianity Explored and coming to church.
  • Fresh thinking about how we might best serve families with children and potentially roll on the lessons learned about parents taking more responsibility for teaching the Bible to their children at home.

Please pray for:

  • A new venture for us, a parent and toddler group, to take off. Lots of enthusiasm among church mums and initially helpful signs about a venue. There is a huge demand and we long to serve the village with a truly evangelistic group that will be a joy to come to.
  • A possible premises, to be used much more widely than Sundays, in a great location that we might rent space in and even dream about finding investor support to help us buy.
  • Ideas for a day away: a camping night out/other ways of restarting hospitality when we can. For these to take root and start bearing fruit.
  • Mission partners we support and a son of a congregation family on a gap year, in India.

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