Christ Church Newland

Monday 7th March

Give thanks for:

  • For continued growth both in numbers and in spiritual maturity.
  • An encouraging members’ meeting on 21st February where we gave thanks for all that God has done since we became Christ Church Newland.
  • For growth in student ministry and in the numbers of youth, including those from unbelieving backgrounds, attending our midweek groups.

Please pray for:

Our mission week from 15th-19th March…


  • Pray for our invitations to the events on mission week. Pray that we would be bold and invite with urgency. Pray that we might look beyond the typical and easy invites to cast the net wider than we would normally. Pray that our invites would be accepted!
  • Pray that we would be seeking God’s glory in the run up to mission week, that our hearts would be right before Him. Pray that we would be enamoured by the grace we have received in Christ so that we can’t help but share with others.
  • Pray for the preparations of the events. Pray that we would have ample volunteers so that the events run smoothly and facilitate gospel discussion.


  • Pray that the Lord would move powerfully during the week and regenerate lost souls so that they might turn to Him in repentance and faith.
  • Pray for the speakers during the events; that they would speak with conviction and clarity and that they would faithfully hold out the gospel in a winsome way.
  • Pray, as a Church, we would encourage and bolster one another during this week. Pray that we would stand alongside one another as we hold out the gospel to the lost – bolstering each other in weakness, pointing each other to Christ, and pushing each other out in love and faith.
  • Pray that the teams engaging people outside the Centre and going out to do door-to-door ministry would be well received by unbelievers open to chat about faith.


  • Pray that our desire to reach the lost would extend beyond the confines of the mission week and that the week might inspire us to pursue the lost with greater zeal.
  • Pray for contacts made during the week that we would have continued opportunities to follow up with them. Pray that those who are convicted during the week would not find peace until they know Jesus as Lord and saviour.
  • Pray that the seed sown amongst good soil that week would be cultivated by the Spirit’s power through the instruction of God’s word and the love of the Church family.

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