AMiE Training Department

Monday 13th June

Give thanks for:

  • Give thanks for the Ordinands we have currently in training and study. Give thanks for the gospel opportunities and possibilities this represents for the future.
  • Give thanks for the recent and (God willing) upcoming ordination of Presbyters who have already served as Deacons.
  • Give thanks for the ways AMiE Training is currently able to respond flexibly to gospel needs and situations. Pray that even as we make necessary progress on our systems and processes, we don’t lose this missionary flexibility.

Please pray for:

  • Please pray for our review of our Ordination Assessment process.
  • Please pray as we look in future months to expand the team. Please pray for those going through the ordination assessment process currently.
  • Please pray for more to consider ordination with AMiE, and for future Ministers to be raised up for church planting and strengthening within the network.
  • Please pray for the work that needs to be done developing AMiE’s role in helping Ordinands find appropriate positions after their training and studies.

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