Trinity Church Lancaster

17th August 2020

Give thanks for:

  • God’s sustaining us, and the gifting and hard work of many in the church family that has enabled the ministry to continue over the last few months.
  • For the generous support of guest speakers over the Summer (Graham Burrows – vicar, Holy Trinity Holme; Mark Simpson – Wellfield Church Leyland; Chris Tapp – Stanmore Chapel; Michael Ots – Association of Evangelists) to give Martin a bit of a break (and the church family a break from him!).
  • For the generosity of the vicar and PCC of St John’s Ellel (our neighbouring Parish) in offering us use of their building to meet on Wednesday evenings (as current restrictions make it impossible for us to meet at our previous venue).

Please pray for:

  • Wisdom in how best to use our new venue to continue to encourage one another to know Christ better and make Him  better known.
  • Wisdom in how best to serve returning students (and freshers) as they arrive in Lancaster.
  • That new contacts made during lockdown may not wither but progress to opportunities to witness to Christ. 
  • The provision of a long-term venue that will serve us and the cause of the gospel in Lancaster well.

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