Trinity Church, Bristol

Monday 26th October

Give thanks for:

  • The enquirers who keep asking for a church which meets physically.
  • The exciting times we’re having in God’s Word.
  • The large group of church members who took to the streets yesterday to campaign about the horrors of abortion. They faced intense persecution as they tried to stop innocents being slaughtered. But they reasoned very well with the crowd that the child should not be punished for the parents’ mistakes.

Please pray for:

  • Corona is hitting us hard. Bristol Uni students are rapidly becoming infected, which will mean lockdown for Bristol very soon we think.  Every time we try to plan ahead, this looms over us.
  • Please pray for our next academic year. We are looking at 3 big books: Hebrews (now on Sundays), John with the students and Revelation next year.
  • Please pray for unity in our church.
  • Please pray for our finances.

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