Trinity Church Bristol

Monday 12th July

Give thanks for:

  • Give thanks for some regulars who are considering baptism. It’s a big encouragement that they want to take this step. Pray for the logistics of finding somewhere to do this.
  • Give thanks for provision of a new co-worker, starting in September. Please pray for gracious provision for them, including housing.
  • Give thanks for all those getting more involved with “every member ministry” including: the five who helped us preach through 2 Timothy on Sundays, someone looking after comms, and someone looking after the Sunday meeting set-up. Pray the body would be built up and grow to maturity as increasingly every member plays their part.

Please pray for:

  • Please pray for us over the summer months, with regulars away on camps and on holiday, and students back home.
  • Pray for grace as we experience the weakness of low numbers.
  • Please pray that Carl and others would make wise use of the summer months for prep and also for rest.
  • Pray we would be good at looking out for one another in love.

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