St James’s Church, Ryde

14th September 2020

Give thanks for:

  • Please give thanks that we have our own building, which can be used for different meetings
  • Please give thanks for many encouraging reports of people within the church family supporting, helping and discipling each other
  • Please give thanks for the unity that we enjoy in our leadership, Church Council and wider church family – we covet this

Please pray for:

  • Please pray for continued unity as we work out how best to meet on a Sunday. We are currently considering two services each Sunday: 1 Adult service that will live-streamed. 1 family service 
  • Please pray for marriages, we have 2-3 couples really struggling. 
  • Please pray for stamina, godliness, leadership, gentleness etc! for James Pontin and myself. We are going into this term tired, which is not good

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