Annual AMiE Conference

Monday 11th March

Give thanks for:

  • We’re really excited about the upcoming AMiE Conference and the opportunity it provides to spend time together being fed by God’s word and building relationships with one-another.
  • For the Strengthening Team, and all the hard-work they have put into planning the conference. Praise God too for the many people within AMiE who have volunteered to help at conference (leading sessions, groups, music etc).
  • That lots of people have been able to sign up, over 100 people will be attending over the three days.
  • For the hospitality of the hotel. They always treat us well and make us very welcome, and are a real blessing to us.

Please pray for:

  • That the conference will be successful in achieving its aims of providing rest and refreshment for those involved with ministry within AMiE. Pray that people will feel physically and spiritually refreshed as a result of the conference, and that relationships with one another and the Lord Jesus will have been strengthened over the few days away.
  • For the staff of the hotel, that they may be see and hear something of the gospel we interact with them over the coming few days.
  • For those who will be speaking at the conference. Please pray that they would speak clearly and faithfully. Pray that as a result of all the sessions, our eyes and hearts will be fixed more on Christ Jesus.

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