Anchor Church Lymington and Pennington

Tuesday 29th August

Give thanks for:

  • For a great ordination service for James Ivin at the beginning of July.
  • For continuing opportunities in the local schools – lots of Bibles and children’s Bible notes given out!
  • For two households who have been able to move closer to Lymington to get fully involved in Anchor Church.

Please pray for:

  • We are getting towards the business end of buying a Pastor’s House instead of renting. Pray that all the strands will come together and for us to trust in the Lord’s timing.
  • We looked at Matthew 9:35-38 recently, and we feel the need for more workers to come and join us!
  • For our Tots & Tinies group in this new term – the possibility of adding a ‘Wonderfully Made’ course at the end of the sessions.
  • For the connections we’re making to lead to people coming to church on Sunday and to be saved.

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