AMiE Women’s Ministry Department

Monday 13th February

Give thanks for:

  • Give thanks for so many women in our network who are serving faithfully in their church families. Women were at the heart of much of AMiE churches’ Christmas outreach, running events that brought in women, children and whole families. One church’s wreath making events are so popular in their community that they ran two back to back, reaching 200 people.
  • Through the year, women are serving in Bible study groups, toddler groups, and a variety of children and youth work settings. Many AMiE women are doing this on top of caring for families and juggling employment. Give thanks for their hard work and pray for their perseverance.
  • On February 4th, the Northern Women’s Convention ran a day of Bible teaching for women in the North East at Stockton-on-Tees, with over 300 women attending. It was a joy to see so many AMiE women involved, from organising the event, hosting, teaching seminars and a fabulous band from Trinity Church Scarborough. Give thanks for gospel encouragement and fellowship for these women as they seek to live faithful lives in our increasingly hostile culture.

Please pray for:

  • For Fiona Bronson and Lucy Chapman as they support Karen Soole in the women’s ministry department, seeking to further encourage women, both in terms of training needs and support for pastors’ wives.
  • For our regular Zoom meetings for the Women’s Network (fortnightly on Monday evenings), that these will both serve and encourage us. Particularly for those in more isolated settings.
  • For us as we spend time at the AMIE conference in March, considering how we can further encourage women teaching the Bible in our churches.

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